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tlug: Journaling file systems question (Re: Journaling Filesystems)

This debate puzzles me a little and since somebody must ask the
stupid questions, why not me ;-)..

I know very little about JFS but my impression was that they 
operated something like some database engines.

This is how I figured a JFS should operate (roughly):
1. A write to file creates a "transaction record"
   (with database terminology) on disk.
2. The "transaction record" is read and a modified
   copy of the file is created.
3. The the file is replaced with it's copy.
4. The "transaction record" is removed.

A read always checks the "transaction records" first
to make sure the read is consistent with earlier

I realize that this is not exactly "journaling" but
more like a "safe" file system. It also fits very bad
with the "data" and "metadata" stuff.

Can somebody explain how wrong I am here?

/Fredric (just curious!)
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