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Re: tlug: "boot partition too big" while installing RH6.1j - part 2

On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, Selva Nair wrote:

> You can't install lilo as your first linux partition starts at cylinder
> 1352 (> 1024). As others have suggested you can load linux from dos. 

Another approach (and this one might be the most overall hassle-free) is
to get Partition Magic and use it to move your Windows install second 10
GB of the disk, then install Linux in the first 10 GB.  This will get
you booting from the first 1024 cylinders, solving your boot problems.

That part with your partititions on /tmp was odd.  Was that from during
the install, or after the install was complete?  If it was during the
install, that may be OK; I think some installers (Red Hat included)
temporily mount them there.  If that was a finished, running system,
that would be very bad, and indicative that something went wrong.

If course, another way to get into the first 1024 cylinders would be to
just nuke Windows instead of using it :-)


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