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tlug: again:a simple but annoying prob.

Yong-Ming again

   Dear Drago,
I meant 'to deliver to local mailbox by that name'!!!
I want to forward emails to me to somewhere AND at the same time
keep copies at \localhost. But this seems to be ignored by Turbolinux.
Or I guess it is ignored my Likely? You see it is very
strange cause in any Linux package this back slash has never been
ignored. Is it simply anything to do with my OR Turbolinux?
I seem to hava a wild imagination that if I write \localhost in .forward
it ramains there a sec then the first part of .forward picks it up and
forward it to somewhere again no? hahahaah it is silly though.

Yong-Ming baffled.

Drago Goricanec wrote:

> Yong-Ming Hua <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >     In my knowledge, .forward's syntax is
> >, \
> >
> > but recently I found that in Turbolinux emails to me have delivery
> > error to this second address.
> > The error messages are
> > \ is not known.
> >
> > In Slackware, back slash is valid.
> > Any clue please?
> The backslash means to deliver to local mailbox by that name.  Remove
> the backslash and it should send to the FQDN.
> Drago

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