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Re: tlug: "boot partition too big" while installing RH6.1j - part 2

> > I can't get through the installation program.When I'm asked by the
> > to define the partitions, I only create a swap partition and then a root
> > partition, but the program always complains about "boot partition too
> If it doesn't work when you do that, then don't do that :-)

I think the problem is not with me (at least not only), but with the
installation program, too
I was able to pass that stage choosing to run fdisk when installing linux,
and creating the partitions first.

My disk is about 20 GB (I left the first 10 GB for Win98), and then created:
- a 128 MB swap partition
- a 5 GB one for /usr/local
- a 3GB one partition for /

using fdisk to create the partitions made that the program didn't show me
any "boot partition too large" errors any longer, I was able to continue
setting some parameters (to install lilo on the MBR, network parameters, the
packages to install). But then the program freezes when "formatting the hard
disk".I tried twice and froze twice. I have heard that there is a limitation
for linux in using the HD space above 8 GB (that is, linux can't handle it)
. Could it be the reason?

Thanks again

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