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Re: tlug: "boot partition too big" while installing RH6.1j - part 2

Hector Akamine ( wrote:

> I can't get through the installation program.When I'm asked by the installer
> to define the partitions, I only create a swap partition and then a root (/)
> partition, but the program always complains about "boot partition too big"

If it doesn't work when you do that, then don't do that :-)

If I remember correctly, you were putting this in the
second half of a very large disk.  When you make only a swap partition
and /, you are making a huge boot partition.  Make / something small;
128 meg is more than enough.  Than set up partitions for /usr, /usr/local,
/var, and /home, at a minimum.  Putting /var/spool and /var/log in 
separate partitions is also recommended, and if you felt like it you
could also put in a <CHRIS> /var/opt </CHRIS> as well.

Make /home pretty big, and /usr and /usr/local should also be fairly
large.  /var, /var/log, /var/spool don't need to be particularly
big.  On a workstation, 256 meg for each is more than you will
likely come close to using, and I'm sure you could get by quite
easily with 128 meg, but since you have a lot of disk to play
with :-)  If you choose to create a /var/opt and plan to install
anything in it, this should be larger.  How much larger depends, of course,
on what you plan to put in it, but if you allocate at least 2 GB each (for
example) to /usr, /usr/local, and /home, 256 meg each to /var, /var/log,
/var/spool and 128 meg (or 256, if you have disk to burn) to / and
there is still a gigabyte left over, you could use it for /var/opt.
Of course, if this disk is really, really big, put more space into
/home, /usr, and /usr/local, too.

If it still doesn't work, you know where to find us  :-)

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