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tlug: Omron external ISDN TA & RedHat 6.0 (again)


I have looked into my Omron problem some more.  Here are the symptoms:

- When my laptop running RH 6 boots, it identifies a "PS/2" mouse and 
  the only serial port it identifies is /dev/ttyS03.
- minicom setup automagically detects to use /dev/ttyS03.
- using statserial on /dev/ttyS{1-4}, only /dev/ttyS3 produces any output.
  But it does look like /dev/ttyS3 is valid.  I don't know if this matters,
  but /dev/ttyS03 did *not* work
- Minicom, set for either /dev/ttyS3 or /dev/ttyS03 did not work at all.
  It would sit there with "atz" on the screen and no response from the
- Typing various 'echo "<AT-command> >/dev/ttyS3" did nothing
- The lights on the TA showed only power connection.  When I boot using
  Win 95, the "Pasokon" light flickers briefly during bootup and is on
  when I am using the TA.  None of this happens in RH.

Anyone have any ideas?  Alternatively, does anyone either know where I can
get a cheap router (I would only be using it for the next four months,
after all) or a consultant to come by and fix this.  Since it's a laptop,
if you have an Omron TA I could also come to you.  But in order of
preference, I'd rather fix this, then buy a cheap router, then bring
someone else in.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much everyone.

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