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[Lingo] [OT] Amusing to Abarenbou Shougun fans

There's a show that I'm sure some of you know, called Trick. It also had
some movies and specials.

I suspect I'm not the only one who started Japanese study due to an
interest in martial arts.  Back in the day (80's? 90's?) on Saturday
mornings in NYC, the Japanese station (this was before one could only use
cable, so it was on free TV) broadcast Abarenbou Shougun episodes.

At any rate, those familiar with the show will see why this snippet is so
funny. My wife and I both thought that it might be possible that the
actress, Nakama Yukie san, had already cracked up during several takes, and
they finally said, Ok, we'll go with this.  I know that if I were in the
same situation, having to say the same line to that person, I would be
struggling to not laugh.  

It's only about 20 seconds wasted of your time.

And, for those who had their time of enjoying Kung Fu movies, there's
another scene (I took about two minutes and 40 seconds or so of it) which
I think you'll find amusing. It's from a different Trick, one of the
specials, I believe.

Hopefully, at least some people are amused. The first one probably requires
some knowledge of Abarenbou Shougun to be funny, though. 

Scott Robbins
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