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Re: [Lingo] Profiling vs Performance Analysis

Ngày 2012/06/13 21:21, Stephen J. Turnbull viết:
No.  Profiling is a subset of performance analysis.  Performance
analysis can be done by algorithmic analysis as well as by profiling.
Profiling is translated (or used) as 性能分析 or 性能解析 as I found in Wikipedia[1]

However, if we translate 性能解析 back to English, the result should be "performance analysis".

I agree that profiling is a subset of performance analysis but the point is here is,
when "profiling" is going to be translated into Japanese for the first time
the translator has two choices:

1. Use katanana: プロファイリング (yes, this is very easy and specialized for Japanese,
   but not applicable for Vietnamese)
2. 履歴作成? which does not make a good sense
3. Translate the meaning or the purpose of "profiling": 性能解析
In this approach, 性能解析 will not contain some meaning that the original word (profiling) has.

IMO, this is a trade-off and thanks to katanaka, pu ro fi ring gu is the easiest way :)


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