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Re: [Lingo] 人・にん・じん

On 02/03/2012 05:12 PM, Jim Breen wrote:
> As in 人体 (じんたい) vs 人体 (にんてい)?   8-)
> The closest I've seen to a rule is 広辞苑's meanings for the readings. For
> にん it says "ひとがら。「人(にん)を見て法を説け」「人相・人体(にんてい)」"
> and "ひとを数える語。「三人・一万人」".
> The latter one is easy. That "人(にん)を見て法を説け" is interesting, as
> Kenkusha's 新和英大辞典第5版 has it as an example of 人(ひと).
> The major JE dictionaries restrict にん to counting people. I guess that's
> says, but obviously only part of it.
> Jim
Thanks Jim. Any hint helps with the reading even if it's just a guide.

Steve S.

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