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Re: [Lingo] FX

On 01/22/2012 02:38 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
s smith writes:

  >  >  in Japanese GAAP

Nope, that was me.

Note that "Japanese GAAP" is an oxymoron.

Oi! Lets not wander about indiscriminately breaking rice bowls. After all, accountants don't write that economics isn't really a science and that economist's wands, colored robes, and spellbooks are just decoration, do they? And, there are any number of foreign companies who offer larger starting salaries to US-trained economists who have a heavy grounding in accountancy from their MBA classes if their resume says they have an extensive background in Japanese GAAP (...'ve.been.told ... not as though I'd ever do a thing like that myself, mind you).

C "My economists robes are royal blue with silver currency symbols, the hat is a pointed one with bank logos in silver glitter, and I have a flashing IMF logo on the tip of my official wand" L

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