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Re: [Lingo] British English

Lyle H Saxon writes:

 > on-line English, etc.  As for how people speak, it's seemed to me
 > that UK-English speakers ... while Americans (cough-cough) tend to
 > ....

While I don't have a particular opinion on the facts you've observed,
this may be related to the kind of people you grew up with
(conditioning your opinion of your native land) and the kind of people
you meet here in Japan.

 > to.  From casual observations of typos and very bad writing making its
 > way into US newspapers,

The tabloids in any country have pretty bad writing IMO.  (In Japanese
"sports newpapers" it's bad enough that I feel capable of issuing an
authoritative opinon that the Japanese sucks. :-)  Which newspaper(s)
do you mean in particular?  I've also noticed that the most popular TV
news programs (specifically "Hodo Station") issue an average of one
apology for misspeaking per hour (that's somewhat of an exaggeration,
but I remember at least three in the last two weeks and I don't watch
every evening).

 > one might be tempted to say that US English as used by the current
 > crop of young people is of a lower level than some other
 > generations of Americans?

Old people always say that!<duck />

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