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Re: [Lingo] British English

On 02/03/2011 01:18 AM, Josh Glover wrote:
On 2 February 2011 15:33, CL<>  wrote:

>> insisted that the word "plough" should have
been spelled "plow" and counted it wrong.

Having grown up a) reading mainly English authors (think Tolkien,
Susan Cooper, Beatrix Potter, C.S. Lewis, et al.) and b) in home
school until grade 5, I had a similar experience with words like
neighbourhood. :(

My grandmother had an elder brother who was headmaster of a private school somewhere in the South of England. She decided that I needed a "proper" education and asked him to send me copies what his boys were reading. Twice a year we'd receive a crate of British schoolbooks allegedly appropriate to my grade in US school along with a pile of "bonus" materials. I think they must have cleaned out the entire left-over book selection from the Twenties through the mid-Fifties and sent it all to me. Lots of stuff about bathing in cold water, the joys of physical exercise, and playing lots of cricket and rugger ... plus another set of insults and aphorisms that went 'way over the heads of the local kids.

Some of the other stuff made the "Flashman" series a lot more fun to read ... and I was fortunate to have had a ninth-grade English teacher who took me aside and said "Either spell it one way or the other. I don't care which. Just pick one way to spell and stick with it."


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