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Re: [Lingo] 件(けん)

On 30 March 2010 07:40, s smith<>  wrote:
On 3/29/2010 9:39 AM, David J Iannucci wrote:
Actually, WWWJDIC gives a pretty concise summary...
Opps.  I've been bit by this before and should know better.  ...
They should be the same, but I have trouble convincing the rikaichan
guy to update his EDICT-derived file regularly.


I know, Jim.  I've seen your mails to the Moji group.
And I also know about the way you export edict/etc. -- which I think is great.

I wonder -- as many applications as use edict and the name dict and kanji dict -- is there some way the dictionaries could be exported so the update of the dictionaries and those of the applications could be separated. I remember long ago an application called JavaDict (Todd Rudick). With that, you downloaded edict and then told the application where to look for it.

One thing I like about Rikaichan is that I can use it even when I'm off-line. I also find the verb/adjective de-conjugation (?) he does really useful.

Steve S.

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