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[Lingo] 件(けん)

Hi.  Can someone help me understand this character?

It looks like as けん it is used as a counter but I can't quite narrow down for what.  I first noticed it on a yahoo page where it appeared as 「画像あり(全 1件)」.  From there I went to WWWJdict and Yahoo 辞書.  One of the examples on Yahoo 辞書 was
There were two murder cases last month.
And a search on ALE for 1件 brought up lots of examples, many of which seem to translate to 'per' but a few look like they're being used as counters.  A search for 2件 also brought up lots of hits.

Counters still confuse me a bit, but this doesn't seem to fit the usual pattern.  What's going on here??  Is 件 just a generic counter when used with a number?


Steve S.

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