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Re: [Lingo] 涼しげ

I will give it a shot ;)

涼しいis the base meaning cool
げ is a particle meaning looks like, looking
な is added for the following noun connectivity (if a verb followed in would be a に)

basically looking/seeming cool(not warm)

The other Dave

steve smith <> wrote:
Hi All

It looks like 涼しげな means refreshing but I can't find it in any of my
dictionaries. I found 涼しげな潮風 (along with several other examples
of 涼しげ) on the ALC site defined as "A refreshing breeze" so I'm
guessing that 涼しげ is a na adjective and not some variant of 涼しい.
But I've also seen 涼しさ and 涼しかった which don't fit any pattern I know.

Can someone fill me in on 涼しげな and where it comes from ? Is it
somehow related to 涼しい?

Thank you
Steve S.
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