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[Lingo] 話だが

steve smith writes:

 > Can someone shed some light on '話だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹶'?
 > Literally I think it means "to say but" and is used in phrases like ここ 
 > だ纔瘢韭絎竢軅が (between us) and 奇妙は話だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹶・妙な話だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹶 (strange to say) 
 > and from a web search, it seems to be fairly common, but I can't get a 
 > feel for how to use it.

You can ignore the "が".  It doesn't really mean "but" in the sense of
exclusion or opposition in this context.  It's just an ambiguous
conjunction, needed to indicate the inverted order.  Similar to the
English pair:

"Just between you and me, the boss is about to get fired."
"The boss is about to get fired.  But it's just between you and me."

where the "but" indicates that it's the preceding sentence that's our
secret.  (Interestingly, in this case "and" might convey some sort of
enjoyment that the boss is going to be fired and it's our secret.  Ie,
for my dialect, "but" is more neutral than "and"!)

As far as "話だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠蔵 苡纉\xAC \xC9 粹逾\xF4 抅蜴\xEB 蜚ヸ 蜆蜿轣拄\xE3 癆 瘡谺  部 皷逅踟
辣瘤\xF3 ≶鱇跛\xF9 竢鉚纖繖 蜴肬鴉癆蜿遐\xAC 瘤\xE4 粤鞳鈔蜴\xE7 闔 竢銓纔\xF4 迚艾\xF4
鈿\xF4 矼 頏纉緕\xF4 蜴 瘤 蜆蜿轣拄\xE3 梼芟蜩\xE8 揥瘤鼬癆蜿\xEE 癆 瘡\xEC │褫齡
矼搢繞\xEE 椵〒\xAC 闥 鱚鈔纈繖 洄鱸阨鼬\xF9 癈 〗跫闢縹 懲跌↑ ‰捃鴒↑ 闥
蜊韭蜈\xE4 磔 \xE1 韆鱇黼 齦竏 癈 ⌆ 蒹癇笄 闥 ∫\xF4ヸ 矼蜴\xE7 黶蜆〓

搶攩跛 閹扖\xEE 黼\xE5 -\xBD" (うわさ) used in similar contexts, which (AIUI,
others' information may be more reliable) usually connotes more or
less unreliable information or possible malice (ie, gossip).  "話だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠蔵
蜩 迴鱚 鈬楂鱇谺

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