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Re: [Lingo] japanese translation help

2009/4/3 Graziano Sorbaioli <>:

> I discovered this Japanese GNU/Linux user group so I would like to
> invite you to read my blog and, in case you find something interesting,
> translate it in Japanese so that Japanese people who don't speak english
> can learn more about free software.


> I would like to be informed about your group activities too so that I
> could advertise them on my blog.

The best way to accomplish that is to subscribe to the main list,
<>. You can do that either by sending an email to
<> with a subject line of "subscribe", or through
the web interface here:

> Please apologize me if this is not the right mailing list for this.

Feel free to re-post this to the main list after you subscribe. This
list is a fine place for it, but the main list reaches a wider


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