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Re: [Lingo] 会うは別れのはじめ。 We never meet without parting.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 07:59:34PM -0800, steve smith wrote:
> Hi all
> I found this sentence among the Tanaka Corpus examples on WWWJDIC.  The  
> translation doesn't make sense to me.  In fact the sentence doesn't make  
> sense.  I know all the words I think, so there's something I'm missing.
> 会うは別れのはじめ。:
> 合う To meet
> は  Topic marker
> 別れ Parting, separation
> の  Explanatory marker(?)
> はじめ Begining, start

> How does this become "We never meet without parting."

Well, "no" (don't have scim running, I fear I'll have to use romaji) 
is more of a possessive.  "Au" in this case is being used more as a
noun, in my opinion. 

So a meeting is ("ha" of course, isn't really equivalent to the verb is,
but in this case, in the same way, watashi wa sukotto <Scott> and
leaving off the "desu" it almost serves the same purpose. 

So, a meeting is (VERY rough translation, not strictly grammatically

"Wakare" a separation "no"  in this case is like a possessive.  
So, A meeting is a separation's beginning.  

Jim's (I don't know if he actually makes every translation
personally--if he does, WOW! there's an awful lot there) translation is
a bit more poetic, and I would guess that it's probably a kotowaza

Does this help?
Keep in mind that there are many on this list far more fluent in
Japanese than myself, so if any want to chime in to correct me, please
goenryo shinaide (don't hesitate out of politeness.) 

Scott Robbins
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