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Re: [Lingo] wwwjdic new kanji dic interfaces

Jim -- the one place this new mr.html page breaks down for me is when it calls wwwjdic. For some reason Monash is really slow (often 15-30 seconds or more) for me when fetching the kanji definition. I use the wwwjdic mirror in Canada which is much faster.

Could Ben use the refer'er from the link on jdic's home page or something to determine which wwwjdic server is being used and call that instead of the Monash server or something like that.

I guess I'm going to have to learn Ajax. I noticed with some interest that he's calling active-x objects from within his code.

Who is Ben Bullock? This is an interesting interface. He's the one who came up with kradfile/radkfile, right?

BTW, the link in "the names entry in Ben Bullock's sci.lang.japan Alternative FAQ." on is broken.

Steve S.

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