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[Lingo] Re: "Contribute positively"

>  From: "Nguyen Vu Hung" <>
>  How do I say 積極的に貢献する in English?
>  Is this OK?
>  Contribute positively to something.

>  From: "david.blomberg" <>
>  looks good to me depending on the context I might say
>  "promote" a product/service/policy but I am nopt a linguist;)

It really does depend on contest. This is one of those set phrases
that you find in many kinds of docs, a phrase that the writer uses as
a single block, in spite of the fact that it might mean very different
things depending on the topic.

Some possibilities might be:
"promote aggressively" or "push" for marketing internal docs
"make concrete contributions to" for self-promoting docs or
motivational doc like proposal or request for funds
"directly contribute to" in contrast with looser-coupled relationships

Don't be tied down by the dictionary definition of 積極 because the
writer is just using it as a prefab phrase. He/she was probably not
really thinking about the parts of the phrase, kinda like how English
speakers use cliches like, "above and beyond" or when they use "Y is
comprised of A and B" without realizing that they should say "A and B
comprise Y". There is a kind of free-wheeling part of writing a doc
where you are searching for words that sound good or appropriate,
rather than thinking about the real meaning of words being used.

Micheal Cooper
Miyazaki, Japan (GMT+9, no DST)

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