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Re: [Lingo] So happy I cried... writing japanese words

steven smith wrote:
> This started as a question to my japanese instructor.  I asked:
>> Is "so happy I cried" something a Japanese would say?  If
>> so, how would you say it?
>> I did a web search and find that 嬉泣 appears often.  I
>> can't find a definition for it as a word, but it looks like
>> it would mean "happy cry."  If it is a word, how would you
>> pronounce it?  うれし・なく?  き・きゅう?

> What does 嬉泣 not showing up in dictionarys say about 嬉泣?
> What does 嬉泣 being almost as popular as うれし泣き signify
> if anything?
> What else is going on here?
I have asked the wife this one often and she always says don't say cried
by happy the in her words "proper way" is 感動して泣いた
> Thanks
> Steve S.

Dave (no the other dave)

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