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[Lingo] RE: [tlug] [OT] US Civil War: Deliverance

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> Subject: Re: [tlug] [OT] US Civil War: Deliverance
> Those Appalachia dialects are fun. I am a native of Appalachia, though
> not from holler culture, and even I can have a hard time understanding
> some of them. We had fun in a linguistics course that I took in uni
> when we were studying the Appalachian dialects, because I could render
> all of them from IPA *perfectly*, having grown up around people who
> use the dialects we were studying.
> But this thread has probably wandered into Lingo-land now. :)

Anyone know a good resource to learn IPA?
The Wikipedia article (or is it Wiktionary)
is kind of.. well.. Not very well layed out. ^^;;
Their charts make assumptions about what the reader
already knows, and are not very informative.


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