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[Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

First post from a total newbie.  I have been driving the two resident Linux users (Ubuntu and SuSE, respectively) on the TPC list crazy with my questions and a sympathetic part-time Linux user pointed me here.  I am hoping that someone here might be able to see my mistakes / ignorance and tell me what I'm missing.

I am attempting to set up SCIM / scim-anthy support in Xandros Professional 4.0, which is based on the Debian 3.2 kernel.  Although I have been able to download and install several tarballs with great success, language support is not going to go down as my finest hour.  Following the Debian-appropriate links from  the TLUG site lead to a dead site.

The following is the post I made to the Xandros Users List this morning.  If this much detail is inappropriate, please let me know and I will edit accordingly in the future. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. 



Is there someone out there who has installed SCIM, primarily for Japanese input (scim-anthy) and, secondarily, long- and short-form Chinese. I am missing something in my setup and cannot find the proper solution. Thought I would ask before I tear out the rest of my hair.

Yes, this is my first experience setting up Linux to do something more than play games.

What I have done so far:

Xandros and hardware:

First of all, my Xandros Regional Settings are:

Locale: Japanese
Desktop Language: US English
Character Set: EUC-JP
Keyboard Layout: U.S., English

Under Peripheral Devices, I have selected two layouts for my Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard:

US English, keymap: EN, layout variant: basic
Japanese, keymap: JP, layout variant: latin

I installed the Japanese and Chinese *.ttf and *.ttc fonts from my WIN machine.


So far, I have installed and allowed to self install (according to the four step install process for tar files described on page 406 of the Xandros Desktop User Guide -- tar xvfpz <package name>.tar.gz; ./configure; make; make install) in the following order, at the recommendation of one information page:


I also tried to install the kasumi.2.2.tar.gz dictionary package, but "make" failed. It doesn't seem to like KDE nor Xandros' GTK extensions, so I erased the folder.

Where do I go next?

I have about five different "How to Install SCIM" guides, all of which mention setting environmental variables, but all of which fail to agree on where these variables are stored. Three make it appear as though a specific file needs to be modified but I have ten possible file names from three sources and two sources that just say "the appropriate file."

Where do I change the environmental variables? I know there are four lines that need to be modified but my general search is failing to locate the right place.

I also find repeated references to scim-qtimm and a need to modify one of it's variables. That package appears to have been deleted from Sourceforge and the page links all go to an empty page on another server. Is it no longer required?

Finally, the most comprehensive setup instructions are for Mandriva, not Debian, and these make reference to a "Global Setup" function for SCIM that I am unable to locate under /usr or /etc. What are the Setup pages that must be accessed and where are they located?

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