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Re: [Lingo] spaces in japanese writing

Mattia Dongili wrote:
On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 01:58:35PM +0900, Josh Glover wrote:
On 30/06/07, Pietro Zuco <> wrote:

Is she nice? ;-)
Jay-sus, Mr. "Italian" Lover-Lover!

Stop chasing them skirts for a second and return to the topic at hand! ;)

the point of such question was that if she is nice, it doesn't matter if she is sometimes inaccurate while teaching japanese ;)

She is very nice and it was hard to find anyone here in the sticks of Northern California to help me with my Japanese over the summer. I consider myself fortunate to be working with her. Unfortunately for me, she's also half my age and very happily married. (sigh)

An occasional inaccuracy is ok, especially since she said up-front "I don't know the rule..." I may mention this to her and may not. The hour a week we have goes far to quickly as is. This week was spent going over a letter from a friend over there and trying (mostly in vain) to sort out the -ba form of a verb. More book-time...

BTW -- I really appreciate this forum. Besides learning a lot from you, this group is fun.

Steve S.

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