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Re: [Lingo] Grizzles (Was: Re: - Japanese grammar database)

On 05/09/06, Jim Breen <> wrote:

Yes. Very sure. My mail arrives in a /var/mail/jwb file on a Solaris box
at Monash with minimal preprocessing (basically a SpamAssassin

Right, but I am pretty sure your MUA is attaching a Reply-to header to your outgoing mail, for I see:

Reply-To: Jim Breen <>,
	Natural language discussion <>

In your messages.

If I look at that file using editor-of-choice, I see:

Reply-to:, Natural language discussion <>

Yup, because I have instructed Gmail to add a Reply-to header to my permanent email address, <>. I treat Gmail just like a mail client... bugger the address, I just like the interface. :)

Hmmm. Looking at a later email from Scott, I see:

Reply-to: Natural language discussion <>

Sooo.... It seems it's just yours, Josh, that are getting the extras.
Funny, I thought it was always the mailing list that controlled
the Reply-to:

The mailing list *can* mess with Reply-to quite a bit. Actually, as I previously noted, we could have it mess with it even more. :)


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