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Re: [Lingo] Grizzles (Was: Re: - Japanese grammar database)

On 05/09/06, Jim Breen <> wrote:

I have just used this list for the first time, and I have three

(a) the relay of my posting stripped out all the blank lines (see below for
the mangled version of what I sent.) In fact it seemed to toss away LFs.  This
makes it harder to read.

Odd. Does this happen to you on the main TLUG list? Has anyone else noticed this? It has not happened to me, best I can tell.

(b) my posting was in ISO-2022-JP, but it came back in UTF8. Why change it?

Ah. That is Godwin's fault. ;)

He wanted to include both Japanese and French in the welcome message,
and UTF8 seemed the only logical way to accomplish that. Anyway, I
prefer UTF8 in the general case.

Do you have a specific argument for all list postings not being in
UTF8? It just seemed logical to me, since this list could contain
postings in many different languages (at least, that is its stated

(c) The "Reply-to" is set to both the list and the sender. Why? Usually
with mailing lists the reply just goes to the list.

Dunno, but I'll look at the list settings. Are you sure your mail client is not setting the Reply-to header? I had not noticed it with previous posts from this list.


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