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Re: [Lingo] First Post

On 19/08/06, Niels Kobschaetzki <> wrote:

I thought that a short self-introduction regarding the languages I
speak and at which level would be useful (I think anyone should do
it, thus everyone knows what languages are represented on the list --
maybe it should be compiled on some web-site...)

Good idea. Maybe I'll write a script that parses the archives and builds just such a page. :)

Josh Glover here. I'm an American currently living in Japan, so that
may give you a hint about two of the three languages with which I
claim some familiarity:

en_US - native
ja_JP - daily conversation (taking the JLPT Level 2 this year)
bg_BG - basic level (food, drink, simple grammar)

And, of course:

en_UK, en_IE, en_, en_AU, en_NZ, en_CA - can read and understand ;)


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