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tlug: [Announcement] 1/14 TLUG Technical Meeting

       TLUG January 2000 Technical Meeting

   Li18nux/Project BLUE/LSWG/TLUG Joint Seminar

Topic: "glibc - current status and future developments"

Guest speaker: Ulrich Drepper (Cygnus Solutions)

Date: January 14, 1999 (Friday)
      18:30 (doors open 18:00)

Place: Oracle Corp., Japan Head Office
       Seminar room 12F (inside New Otani Garden Court)

This is a joint event organized by three representatives of
the Linux Community in Japan (Project BLUE, Linux Seminar Working
Group and the Tokyo Linux Users Group) in cooperation with the
Linux Internationalisation Initiative (li18nux) and sponsored
by commercial Linux distributors in Japan.

The guest speaker is Ulrich Drepper (Cygnus Solutions), GNU libc
version 2.x (glibc2) main developer and maintainer. Ulrich will 
talk to us about the most recent developments in glibc 2.2, focusing
on locale implementation and its importance to users who speak
non-latin-based languages (as is the case of Japanese).

Ulrich's talk will be preceded by an introduction to glibc in Linux
and international locale implementation issues. The introductory talk
will be delivered by Yoshito Kawada (IBM Japan), who is an i18n expert
and currently beta-testing the new features in glibc 2.2. 

After the talks, we will continue the discussions informally, over
pizza and beer. There are no pre-requisites for participation, you
are all welcome to join us. The introductory talk will be in Japanese, 
with translation to English; the main talk will be in English, with 
translation to Japanese.  

The seminar room capacitiy is limited to 120 seats, so please register
beforehand via the web at the following URL:

There are no registration or participation fees, but 1000 yen/person 
will be collected from those who participate in the informal 
discussion that follows the talk, to cover the pizza and beer.

For more information, e-mail: <>

Promotion: Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux)

           Project BLUE (Business Linux Users Encouragement)

           Linux Seminar Working Group (LSWG)

           Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG)

Sponsors: Turbo Linux Japan, K.K.

          Neonagy, Inc.
          (Representatives of US Caldera Systems/OpenLinux)

          Red Hat, Inc.

          Laser5 Co., Ltd.

Next Technical Meeting: January 14 (Fri) 19:00
* Topic: "glibc - current status and future developments"
* Guest Speaker: Ulrich Drepper (Cygnus Solutions)
* Place: Oracle Japan HQ 12F Seminar Room (New Otani Garden Court)
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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