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tlug: fonts

>>>>> "jb" == Jonathan Q <> writes:

    jb> Hello. Trying to make an account work within a japanese
    jb> enviorment i have make it use Japanese text, but yet i havet
    jb> find what fonts to use with it.

try `xlsfonts -fn '*-jisx0208*-*'', if you have anything resembling a
standard system you probably already have them.

What environment on what distribution of what OS with what
applications?  Any decent Linux distribution comes with a minimal set
of X Japanese fonts because they're standard in the X11 distribution.

    jb> Anyone can direct me to a place to get X japanese fonts ?

Of course or mirrors, there are more in the Mule directory
or intl-fonts or something at and mirrors, Debian at least
has bunches of extra ones.  With a truetype X server (deprecated by
me) or truetype X font server (preferred by Anybody With Sense[tm])
you can also use TrueType fonts.

    jb> both euc and jis.

There is no such thing as a EUC X font (AFAIK; one could be created
but nobody in their right mind would do so).  The app must do the
conversion from whatever encoding to JIS.

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