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Re: tlug: no floppy installation

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Viktor Pavlenko wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to install Mandrake 6.0 on my desktop last night. The BIOS
> stopped recognizing floppy drive some time ago, but I thought it
> wouldn't be a problem. Seemingly I was wrong. Actually the
> installation goes smoothly, but when I'm booting the system for the
> first time the machine freezes (the last thing it shows on the screen
> is 'Making /mnt/disk [OK]'. When I disconnect the floppy drive from
> the motherboard, I get lots of weird error messages and end up with
> kernel panic.
> I know it sounds funny, and I know I have to get a new motherboard,
> but the question is: is it true that one can't install Linux on a
> machine without a working floppy drive?

not true, I've installed it on lots of laptops with no floppy drive (boot
from CDROM or from DOS with LOADLIN then use NFS)

Scott M. Stone <>
Systems (UNIX) and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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