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Re: tlug: RE: tlug: Fwd: LC99 =?iso-2022-jp?b?Qk9GGyRCIVYlMyVfJWUlSyVGJSNCZz04OWchVzMrGyhC?==?iso-2022-jp?b?GyRCOkUkTiQqQ04kaSQ7GyhC?=

"John Clark L. Naldoza" <> writes:

> I know I'm gonna kicked in the butt for this but....
> What's a BOF session?

>From the `Free Online Dictionary of computing':

Birds Of a Feather

   (BOF) (From the saying "Birds of a feather flock together") An
   informal discussion group, scheduled on a conference program or
   formed ad hoc, to consider a specific issue or subject.  It is not
   clear where or when this term originated, but it is now associated
   with the USENIX conferences for Unix techies and was already
   established there by 1984.  It was used earlier than that at DECUS
   conferences and is reported to have been common at SHARE meetings as
   far back as the early 1960s.

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