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tlug: X black and white

I've installed RH6.1 in a machine that has a S3 Trio3D video card
(supported by an alpha driver in the XFree86-3.3.5 SVGA server).

Everything runs fine, except a program I wrote using the Xlib to
draw a 24bpp pixmap in a window. Everything comes in black and
white, while the same program display full colors when I redirect
the window to a different machine running X (RH6.0 with XF86-3.3.2)

Would anyone know what changed with RH6.1 and/or XF86-3.3.5 that
is preventing my program from showing the colors correctly?

BTW, I don't know if it is a related problem, but the buttons in
Netscape are also shown in B&W.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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