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Re: tlug: Japanese emails and jlatex under RedHat 6.1

Naoki Saito <> writes:

> I am using Red Hat 6.1 (US version).
> I would like to write emails in Japanese, preferrably with emacs.
> Also, I would like to use jlatex.
> I do not want to switch the whole operating system to Japanese linux.
> I just would like to use Japanese emails and jlatex as tools under
> my current linux.
> What packages should I install?
> Where should I retrieve those packages?

I don't know about jlatex, but for writing emails you can use XEmacs.

You can download the source of XEmacs from

Also get the `sumo'-packages from

Compilation and installation is rather easy, just follow the
instructions in the files INSTALL and README.packages after you
have untarred xemacs-21.1.6.tar.gz. 

After compiling XEmacs you probably need to change the permissions of

    chgrp mail movemail
    chmod 2755 movemail

(see the file PROBLEMS).

Maybe you don't need everything which is in the sumo packages, but
installing the sumo packages is the easiest way to get all you
need. There are several possibilities to enable Japanese input, I use
Canna which I also got from

As a Japanese capable mail user agent running under XEmacs you
have the choice between VM (which will already be available if you
have installed the above) or Pterodactyl Gnus which you can
download from

You don't need to install Japanese fonts, there are already some
Japanese fonts installed on your system. I use the fonts which came
with my RH 6.0 linux and they are OK.

You can also use GNU Emacs 20.4 if you prefer that to XEmacs.  In that
case you should also install leim to have a Japanese input method.  I
used GNU Emacs and Pterodactyl Gnus on a German version of Windows NT
to read and write Japanese e-mails, this should work on Linux too.
But I found the Japanese input method with comes with leim somewhat
less comfortable compared to Canna.

I case you want to use GNU Emacs instead of XEmacs it is probably
better to use Pterodactyl Gnus and not VM, because as far as I know
there are still some problems running VM on GNU Emacs 20.x.


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