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Re: tlug: RH61

Jens-Ulrik Petersen <> wrote,

> Without wanting to start any distribution wars...

Neither do I.  All distributions are good :-)

> "Manuel M. T. Chakravarty" <> writes:
> > PS: They are probably getting a heart attack when they look
> >     at the new RH 6.1 - I would give it the code name
> >     `Desktop Killer #1' ;-)
> I'm curious what is that statement relative to?  I mean were you
> previously using RH52 or something else (or do you see big
> improvements compared to 6.0)?

My comment is a reaction to three changes:

(1) StarOffice is included
(2) Gnome is more mature
(3) The Fancy Installer

All probably irrelevant to most of us - maybe with the
exception of the second point - but good for The Average
Desktop User.

The first point implies that I could install it for my
mother and let her do her letters on a Linux box (ok, I
can't install it, because she is still using an Atari ST -
no kidding - but it is an interesting thought anyway).

Disclamier: I know that Sun's license sucks etc, but that's
not the point here.

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