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Re: tlug: "Linux myths"

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote,

> >>>>> "Chiew" == Chiew Farn Chung <> writes:
>     Chiew>
> Linux is "hyped"?  My kudos to the guys who have spent their enormous
> ad budgets so well!
> It's interesting that every single statement in the Security section
> is at best questionable.

And the swap space bit is also bogus since 2.1 or so.  This
smells very much like another of the publicity disasters
that M$ seems to pull off lately.  Instead of looking for
problems in Linux, they could probably spend there energy
better by sacking their PR staff.


PS: They are probably getting a heart attack when they look
    at the new RH 6.1 - I would give it the code name
    `Desktop Killer #1' ;-)
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