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tlug: Samba 2.0

Dear all,

Next week we will be upgrading a dual-processor Intel fileserver here,
probably from TL 2.0 (with kernel and libraries upgraded for 2.2.x) to ... 
something else.

This machine is at the center of our network, and it is extremely
important to us that Samba and the OS be stable.  The current setup,
hastily installed and heavily hacked upon, has been just stable enough to
keep us happy (a crash about once every two months, but luckily with no
significant loss of data in a little over six months of running). 

We are indifferent to the "language" of the machine's console interface;
it's just a fileserver.  But hardiness in the OS and in the Samba running
on it are very important.

Any tales from the lab about distros and Samba 2.0, happy or sad, will be
most helpful.

I considered sending this to tlug-advocacy, but it's intended as a
technical query, so I'm sending it to the main list.  In that spirit,
please refrain from responding in such terms as "The XYZ distro is utter
crap, and I can prove it to anyone who isn't a complete
s***-for-brains..."  Softer language will suffice.

Frank G Bennett, Jr         @@
Faculty of Law, Nagoya Univ () email:
Tel: +81[(0)52]789-2239     () WWW:

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