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Re: tlug: msword files

On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 03:41:28PM +0900, Jim Tittsler wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 03:22:02PM +0900, Tony Laszlo wrote:
> > I've heard that it is possible to view 
> > msword files via an xterm command. 
> MSWordView will convert (some :-) Office97 format word files into HTML
> for viewing with your browser.

Yep. unfortunately, older versions of word don't fare so well (actually,
they don't fare at all).

There's another program called catdoc that does a pretty decent job of
converting msword files to text on stdout some of the time. 

There's also a gui front-end to catdoc called wordview if you like menus,
but I don't use it much as I generally like to save the output and so find
this a lot faster:

$ catdoc letter_from_mom.doc > letter_from_mom.txt

Where to get? catdoc is supposedly available from:

and I don't know about wordview. Both are part of the debian distribution,
that's where I got them.

Hope this helps.

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