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tlug: [FYI] TPC Meeting 10/7

Not exactly Linux-related, but as this month's speaker will be Jo Ito
I think it is worth posting this announcement here:

 1. October Meeting Announcement: Thursday, October 7th, 7PM
 2. TPC Newsgroups
 3. General Information

 1. October Meeting Announcement

 Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 7th, 7PM

 Internet Entrepreneur Joichi ITO

    October's meeting will give us a chance to hear from one of Japan's most
    prominent Internet entrepreneurs, Joichi ITO.  He has participated in a
    variety of business ventures, as well as playing a role in governmental,
    media, and academic forums. He has promised a very informal talk covering
    a bit of history, a look at what is hot now, and some of his visions for
    the future.

 Annual General Meeting: Officer Elections

    October is also the Tokyo PC User Group's "Annual General Meeting." TPC
    members will have the opportunity vote for the officers to chair the club
    for the next year.  The election will fill the posts of President,
    Uvae-President, and Treasurer.

 The meetings are held in the basement of The Tokyo Union Church on
 Omotesando Dori, a short walk from the A-1 exit of the Omotesando
 subway station on the Ginza, Hanzomon, and Chiyoda Lines. The entrance
 is through the parking area at the rear of the church.
 Non-members Y1000 at the door.

 For a Map to the Union Church see:

 Please note that the Tokyo PC Users Group is not affiliated with any
 religious organization.

 2. TPC Newsgroups

 Even if you can't attend the regular monthly meeting be sure to join
 us online in the TPC Newsgroups. We run a private news server with
 over 25 newsgroups covering many different topics tailored to the
 online community in Japan. These newsgroups are only found on our
 server and thus cut out much of the noise associated with the Japan
 related Usenet groups and contain postings from people who live

 For details on our newsgroups see:

 Or jump right into our Internet related group tpc.internet at:

 3. General Information

 TOKYO PC Users Group
 Post Office Box 103
 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8691

 Voicemail Hotline:   (03) 5956-7228
       News Server:

 The Tokyo PC Users Group meets regularly on the first Thursday of each
 month. Admission is free for members, 1,000 Yen for non members; no
 reservations required. Meetings are held in the basement of the Tokyo
 Union Church on Omotesando Dori.  Doors open at 6:30 and the program
 begins at 7:00 PM. For further information call the Tokyo PC hotline:
 5956-7228 or send email to <>.

 Founded in 1982, TPC is Japan's oldest IBM-standard PC users group.
 The monthly meetings feature guest speakers, product demonstrations,
 and free-wheeling exchanges on a variety of computer-related
 subjects. A question-and-answer period affords a chance to discuss
 individual computing problems. TPC members also receive a monthly
 printed newsletter.

 You can read the TPC newsgroups on the internet by using the private
 news server at

 Much of the content is also available in mailing list form. Send mail
 to for details.
Next Technical Meeting: October 9 (Sat), 13:30   place: Temple Univ.
* Linux Internationalisation Initiative (Li18nux) speaker: Akio Kido
* Japanese TrueType Fonts                     speaker: Adrian Havill
Next Technical Meeting: November 13 (Sat), 13:30 place: Temple Univ.
* Network Security                               speaker: Steve Baur
Next Nomikai:  December 17 (Fri), 19:00 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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