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tlug: Xcdroast verification failure

  Hi all,

  Gosh, I've never seen so little traffic on this list as lately.
Just a quick question concerning the copying of CDROMs with 'xcdroast'.

  I sometimes do a clean copy [CDROM -> CDROM] with no error messages,
but then find that the verification fails in the last few blocks:
e.g. on block 218408 of a 218414-block (426M) CDROM.  I know it's
only the final 12K or so (in the case I've mentioned - it's usually
not much more, sometimes less), and the copied disks seem to work
just fine and do everything one would expect them to do. 

  I should add that the source CDROM that I'm copying from 
mounts fine with the usual 'mount -t iso9660 ...' command, and 
ls and du produce the expected output.  So, we're not talking about
any exotic format, it would seem.

  My question is: why does this happen (of course, it's only with
certain disks), and is it something that I should worry about, i.e.
that could compromise the completeness of the data on the disk?

  I would appreciate any light you might be able to throw on the matter.

Dennis McMurchy, 
Sointula, B.C. / Tojinmachi, Fukuoka
Canada           Japan

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