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tlug: Euro-Japan Linux Conference

Hello TLUGers,

This is the message I've been trying to send to the list, and after
resubscribing to tlug-post, I seem to be able to post again.

Iíll have a ďfinalĒ report later. The whole conference was quite
interesting. I donít know a lot, so I learned a lot. But some of the
European developments would be of interest to anyone, I suspect. They will
put up some of the power point type presentations on a website, and Iíll
pass along the URL when they do.  As I mention below, Iíll have lots of CDs
for the upcoming TLUG meeting, and I can give a short summary hitting a few
of the high points-looks like I will actually be able to attend this month.
The Mandrake CD is the complete distribution, not a ďliteĒ version. Meeting
the European developers was a great experience, and seeing some of the
software has given me the impetus to convert some of our stuff here at the
ACCJ from NT OpenSource programs running on Linux.

>From Thursday, June 24:

Iíve been attending the conference and having a good time. Lots of European
developments that I donít know anything about, so itís great to hear about
them from the people who are developing, or who work at the companies that
are making them available.

Austin and Oliver have been there as well. Weíll have lots of disks for the
next TLUG meeting-SUSE gave us 30 with a SUSE lite-a full working
distribution, but not all the extra parts. Mandrake (which will also be
released as part of a Macmillan ďComplete LinuxĒ book/distribution soon),
also will have a bunch of CDs for us. Iíll see what else I can get that
would be useful.

SUSE will have someone here in the Fall, and we might schedule them into a
meeting. Iíll report more later. Iíll be there most of tomorrow, when all
the distribution people will speak.  Today was applications and case
studies. Iím pleased to see that even though the conference is billed as
business oriented, very few of us were in suits, and everybody is still
pretty much  in the ďenthusiastĒ category.

I was very impressed by the presentation on Roxen, a web server. If it's as
fast and robust as they say, then I want to try it out. Check it out on The programming language theyíve developed is pretty
interesting also.


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