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tlug: emacs mailer recommendation?

>>>>> "John" == John Seebach <> writes:

    John> flavor of vi or vim, I've given up and moved to Xemacs-Mule,
    John> which seems to handle japanese with nary a hitch. Unless you
    John> count learning emacs.

If you already know vi, you could try viper-mode.

    John> Unfortunately, the fact that I'm still on the steep end of
    John> the Emacs learning curve means that I'm having a hard time
    John> finding out which one is more usable (I can't even use the
    John> editor, let alone the mailer).

Have you tried `C-h t' yet?  Once you've done that, `C-h a' is your

    John> I'll learn. But in the meantime, could someone point me in
    John> the direction of a couple of worthwhile mailers, preferrably
    John> ones with good documentation?

I like VM myself, but most of the people on the Emacs lists I frequent 
use Gnus.

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