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tlug: When in Tokyo...Part II

I don't know how many of you were around but about two years ago, when I
visited Japan and spent an after noon with TLUG.  We had a meeting, I
brought tons of Linux stuff to give away, and we all went to Akihabara. In
general we had a great time.  Crig Oda was president at the time as well. 
The pictures and summary of the meeting we had are on the TLUG web site:

I'll be heading over to Japan again for almost two months.  I'll be
staying in Kyoto but I'll have a rail pass for the last three weeks of my
stay.  I'd like to meet with TLUG again during that time.  Is there a
chance that we could get a group together on a friday evening or some time
on a saturday?  (possible dates: July 30 or 31, Aug 6 or 7, Aug 13 or 24)

I'll be bringing a bunch of stuff from Caldera.  I'm not officially with
Caldera, It's that they are a local company and my association with the
Salt Lake Linus Users Group has made it possible for me to know several
Calderians personally.  PHT (TL) is, also a local to Salt Lake but has a
bigger presence in Tokyo.

If the dates I suggested don't work out, I'd still like to meet with a few
people to drop off the Caldera stuff and talk about all-things-linux.

Marc Christensen
Board of Trustee Member, Salt Lake Linux Users Group

Next Technical Meeting: June 19 (Sat), 18:30  place: Temple Univ.
*** Topic: Linux SMP/Quad Xeon Server
Next Nomikai: July 16 (Fri), 19:30 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
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