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Re: tlug: new small scsi hard drive

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Eric S. Standlee wrote:

> I just was wondering since the hard drive is scsi will it be faster or
> slower in linux.  Also, would it be better to set the scsi drive as the
> boot drive and the current ide drive as a secondary drive?

That solely depends on whether or not the SCSI drive is faster than the
IDE drive.  An old, slow SCSI drive will get its doors blown off by a
fast, new IDE drive.  

These days, SCSI and IDE drives are generally mechanically the same,
with only the drive electronics being different.  On a single drive
system, you'd be hard put to notice a performance difference.  On a
dual-drive system, you can put one IDE drive on each header and probably
see superior performance to two SCSI drives attached to the same SCSI
adapter.  If there are two IDE drives on the same header, UW SCSI might
have somewhat of an edge, but I'm not sure.  For drive performance, I
see little reason to use SCSI in a desktop machine.  The nice things
about SCSI are that you can hook a lot of devices up to one adapter, and
they aren't limited to only disks, so you can put a scanner and tape
drive on there as well.

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