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tlug: Tape Transcribers wanted

NHK is trying to do a Linux Special Program. This seems to be a better
media coverage of Linux, not those hack jobs by stupid reporters who heard
about the thing yesterday.

Now, they did a US interview tour, including Linus and IBM and RedHat and
some active developers. Then, they sent out the tape for transcription, but
their usual people can't make heads or tails out of it because it's filled
with wierd technical terms, like gcc perl kernel with emaxen whatever. They
need help.

They are looking for;

1. 2 or 3 people who can do tape transcription of the interview. They think
the content is technical and specialized, but considering the fact that
this is done by these people, it cannot be that difficult.

2. Of course, you will be payed for the work. I don't know how much. They
prefer some poor student that they can rip off, and has enough time in the
coming week or so, but OK, you can still have your day job.

3. You don't need Japanese skills, this is and English to English

4. If you have any other terms and condition, name them.

If anyone is willing to do this, or know anyone that may be interested,
could you please drop me a mail? Thanks.


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