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tlug: cooperation from Toronto LUG

Ken Harada, Tokyo LUG Officer, arranged for the Toronto Linux Users Group
(another TLUG) to alias   to  This is already
working, so you can now access and probably send me
e-mail to  I thought this was a pretty cool demonstration
of the cooperative power of Linux.  Tokyo LUG still controls and we're
probably going to connect make an alias to, so maybe all the
tlugs of the world can cooperate.  :-)  (^o^)   (practicing bilingual smilies)

I've already sent a thank you note.

The barrier between Tokyo LUG and our own DNS is registration of the project
jyouhou with JPNIC.  To do this, we're going to ask OCN.  What we need to
do to make this happen is to coordinate with Scott, have someone call
OCN on behalf of Pacific HiTech and then we can submit payment of the 5,000 yen
per year to Pacific HiTech, makers of TurboLinux. 

The other thing that is going on is that we're planning to make use of
Pacific HiTech's 10 meg feed in the U.S. and alias to 
a subdirectory of it that TLUG can control thanks to the generosity of
Pacific HiTech. 


Next TLUG Meeting: 11 April Sat, Tokyo Station Yaesu gate 12:30
Featuring Tague Griffith of Netscape i18n talking on source code
a word from the sponsor:
TWICS - Japan's First Public-Access Internet System  Tel:03-3351-5977  Fax:03-3353-6096

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