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tlug: Nevermind...

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Totoro" == Totoro  <> writes:

    Totoro> Gotta quit doing this, eh? Seems like every time I post
    Totoro> about something the answer then pops up from the murky
    Totoro> mass.

Sort of like taking an umbrella prevents rain.  The answer won't pop
if you don't post....

    Totoro> Anyhow, I found a note that one shouldn't compile
    Totoro> "with-xpm", so I recompiled without it, and now no
    Totoro> troubles with xemacs.

And that's one reason why you should get XEmacs 20.3 beta-21 or so
(pretty stable, some big changes in the last couple, we're at beta-24
now).  XPM not only works, but it's auto-detected by configure.


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