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tlug: strokes.el

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
There's a new (very beta - the mouse bindings change from release to
release) package out for XEmacs (and FSFmacs support is projected)
called strokes.el, by David Bakhash.  Currently it basically supports
"gestures" (at least as well as my Color Zaurus) and creating glyphs
(ie, you can put handwritten material in an XEmacs buffer; only
readable under XEmacs, though).  Handwriting recognition is being
planned.  I currently can count to ten in mouse-written kanji :-).
Real usefulness requires massive investment in database building,
however :-P

Requires XEmacs 20.x; 20.3-beta22 is quite stable for me, I recommend
this as opposed to XEmacs 20.2 as a lot of Japanese support has
improved since then.  strokes.el is standard with 20.3 betas, most
recent version is also available at <A
(sometimes that doesn't work, so try .../strokes-help.html too).

BTW, XIM (kinput2) support now works in XEmacs 20.3/Mule on Linux
(configure "--with-mule --with-xim=libc"; patch by yours truly, advice
on request), and Canna support is also available and reputed to be
working.  Wnn support is available but whether it's really working or
not I dunno, I don't mumble, myself, and there have been some queries
on the xemacs-beta list.

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