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tlug: Pointer to current JE packages?

tlug note from =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= <>

could anybody please point me in the general direction of 
the a current JE packages site? I've found a mirror on 
sunsite, but the archives there date back to 12/95. Surely
there's a more current source somewhere?

As for configuring those, could anybody help me with the
general setup of a JE system? I'm running Debian, and
I have a hard time getting everything to work as it should.

Right now, I have figured out how to use canna/kinput2
with kterm. Even though the input seems to work on the
command line, I can't get nvi to let me input japanese
text. As for mule, I've given up trying to use it for the
time being...

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