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tlug: what happened?

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
Hi all,

Nice to see we're back on-line:-)

A strange thing happened this morning as I was reading mail
off-line. The hard drive started making a lot of noise as if
processing a heavy load. So, I checked what was going on with ps
and there was nothing unusual but xload showed a continuing

Using top I check again and there was a find / (nsf...
something (I couldn't see if the line continued) followed by
sort, more find .. more sort then a quick frcode then the pid
exited. All this was run as root. As this is a stand alone box
and I was logged in as jim - not root I assume this was some
kind of file/system check..

What was it? I checked 'Running Linux' and the 'UNIX System
Administration Handbook' as well as searched the man pages but
came up with no reference to nsf* or frcode.

Just curious....

Jim S.

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