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Re: tlug: Is anybody out there?

tlug note from Craig Oda <>

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Andrew S. Howell wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------------
> tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Is the tlug list still working? The last message I have is from April
> 24th. I know its golden week, but someone must still be here...

There was a problem with the mailing list about a week ago.
The entire list of TLUG members got corrupted.  Paul restored
the list file from tape backup.  We are still trying to
isolate possible problems.  Send me personal e-mail at if you suspect problems with the list functioning.
Actually, would be the appropriate
e-mail, but you can just send it to me.
Everything should be operational.  However, new members that 
signed up between Last Wednesday and this Monday may not be
on the list.

To get a listing of members to verify if you are on the list,
send e-mail to

and include

  who tlug

in the body of the message.

If you subscribe to the digest, include

  who tlug-digest

If you wish to subscribe again,

  subscribe tlug

It is important for all members to unsubscribe from the list when
they leave Japan or change their e-mail.

  unsubscribe tlug

If members become lax in unsubscribing, I am going to have to
become more vigilant in forcing unsubscriptions.  This results
in an inconvenience for members with periodic network problems.
For example, there are times when majordomo can't reach a specific
member's domain.  In the past, I have let this go for a few weeks.
However, some people are probably taking their machine off the
net and not unsubscribing.  Then, I have to force the unsubscription.


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